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Lakers Take The Crown

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Bracket MVP Brian Bowen’s quick 10 points got La Lumiere off to a fast lead in the National Division Championship game. Keenan responded well with gutsy moves around the basket by Tariq Simmons cutting the early lead to 8 points with 6 minutes to go in the half. Jaren Jackson would score an and one and Brian Bowen would finish and inbounds alley-oop to get the Lakers back up by 11 points with under 4 minutes to go. The Lakers would go in to halftime with a 31-18 advantage, as Tariq Simmons and Latrell Taylor would help to keep it respectable. Jaren Jackson would get going in the second half propelling the Lakers to a 22 point advantage. With under 6 minutes to go Rodriguez Marshall and Tariq Simmons would get hot hitting some three pointers to get the Raiders within 13 points under 3:30 left in the game. Unfortunately for the Raiders, the lead established by the Lakers would be too much to overcome as the Lakers would go on to win by a score of 77-58 and remain undefeated with a 13-0 record and still the #1 team in the nation.

Brian Bowen and Jordan Poole would score 18 points while Jaren Jackson would finish with 20 points and 9 rebounds.