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December 27th 2021








Coaches Passes

Approved Coaches Passes

The Chick-fil-A Classic accepts College Coach and South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) passes (sorry, other state high school coaches’ passes are not accepted). 

College Coaches must enter through the Media Pass Gate Entrance and present identification and sign in. We do not have reserved seating for college coaches available. College coaches may sit in the bleachers where space is available. If you wish to leave the gymnasium and return later you must request a wrist band at the front exit door. 

Our policy for SCHSL Passes are as follows:

Individuals with SCHSL passes must present a photo ID pass on their cell phone. Pass holders will be able to enter through the Media Pass Gate entrance before 3:30 pm daily only. Anytime after 3:30 pm the pass holder must get into the “Scan Ticket” line. Pass holder cannot cut in front of those waiting to get their ticket scanned. As they enter they can show their wrist band to those who are taking/scanning tickets and will be let in. 

Note: If a person wishes to leave the gym and return later they must  and receives a wrist band as he/she exits the main entrance. There is no guarantee of re-admission if the gym is sold out upon return. Anyone who leaves must get back into the “scan ticket” line again and wait their turn.